Concrete Work and Demolition

Do you have deteriorating concrete hindering your home or business? Looking for a trusted partner to pour and place concrete?

From small patios to large warehouse buildings, Patriot Excavating can handle and master any concrete project with high quality service and exceptional results.

Concrete Work

There are many benefits to adding concrete to your home or business, including curb appeal, durability, cooler pavement, and a higher load bearing capacity. If your property needs concrete work, we are here to help. We can pour foundations for new structures, build concrete patios and walkways to give your home or business a new look, and even repair street castings.


Whether you want to remove an old structure to make room for a new one or gain back the space it was using, our demolition service is perfect for you. Our equipment and machines are designed to get into tight spaces, remove concrete in hard-to-reach places and demolish quickly so you can get ready for your next project.

We obtain all disconnects and state permits for you to take the load off your back. Then, we will come and inspect the structure to determine the best way to remove it, tear it down, clean up the debris, and haul everything away. We will leave your site clean and ready for whatever comes next!