Demolition Services | Indianapolis, IN

If you’ve been looking for demolition services in Indianapolis, Patriot Excavating is who you need to get the job done.

As one of the most highly rated demolition companies in Indianapolis, our experienced team houses both residential demolition and commercial demolition contractors. Our years of experience in the industry makes sure that your project is handled expertly and with great communication along the way. We know that your demolition project is unique, so we prioritize communication and sharing ideas before we even break ground.

Unlike other demolition companies in the Indianapolis area, we handle every stage of the demolition process.

If you’ve been looking to hire a demolition contractor for some time, you might have seen that many residential and commercial contractors push an “as quick as possible” mentality for their services. Here at Patriot Excavating, we prioritize efficiency, but we understand that getting the job done right is more important than running in and out and leaving behind a mess. If you have to spend hours cleaning your site post demolition, did you really save any time?

Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaker | Patriot Excavating

Site Evaluation

We take great pride in our process, especially in our initial site evaluation stage. When we begin a demolition project, we will inspect the site first to note any irregularities. This is also the stage where we will speak with you to get an in-depth look at your ideas and specifications.


Whether you need an old shed torn down or your driveway removed, we’ll get ready to dig in! Every demolition project is different, so we will be sure to cater to your exact needs. We also prioritize safety and efficiency throughout our demolition work to ensure the end result is a job well done.

Permits and Disconnects

With every demolition project we take on, we obtain and secure all permits and disconnects before we begin. We know that this is a hassle, and we want to make the demolition project go as smoothly as possible for you and your site. Once we’ve obtained all the permits and necessary materials, we’re set to get moving on with your project.

Site Cleanup

Each demolition project we take on is not finished until the site is clean and no traces of the excavation remain. Safety and professionalism are two of our core values here at Patriot, so you should expect nothing less when you work with us.

Put your demolition project in capable hands with Patriot Excavating.

No matter your needs, our team would be happy to dig in on your next demolition project and get down to business so your space is ready for whatever comes next! No job is too big or small for Patriot Excavating, and we’ve worked with customers in a variety of industries. When you work with us, you can always count on us to provide an efficient, hassle-free experience that will leave you more than satisfied.