Water can cause numerous problems in your home, which is why we provide quality drainage system installations that prevent water problems. No matter where your drains are located, it is important that they carry wastewater away from your home and other technical equipment.

Without a proper drainage system, excess water, especially from rain and melting snow, can build up and cause flooding. Our team can install a new, more effective drainage system in your home or repair an old one to ensure your house stays free of water damage.

Common drainage issues include:

  • Water backup in your drains
  • Slow drainage from sinks, showers, and bathtubs
  • Consistent clogs
  • Unusual or foul smells from your drainage system
  • Clogs that cannot be solved by plunging

These types of drainage issues can be complicated. Our professionals at Patriot Excavating are experienced in a varied range of drainage problems and services. When a drainage dilemma occurs, we will assess the issue and repair the problem as quickly as possible.